My mission is to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and strongman athletes alike reach their full potential through valuable insights into digital marketing tactics and strategies, as well as in-depth articles on health and wellness for strongman athletes.

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E-Commerce Innovation: Unlock Next-Gen Shopping Experiences



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With a seasoned career in digital marketing and SEO, I’ve been fortunate to offer my expertise to clients spanning from New York to London to India. Yet, this professional persona merely scratches the surface of who I am. I am also an individual who has navigated personal trials, including gender dysphoria, anxiety, and depression. These struggles have propelled me onto a profound path of self-exploration and acceptance, pushing my boundaries and deepening my grasp of my mental health and sexual identity. These personal experiences have fueled my dedication to disseminating knowledge, wisdom, and empathy through my content. My goal is to spark meaningful dialogues that inspire, motivate, and empower, whether they…
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